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Friends Only

Eat the constantly moving FoB whenever I have a new public entry </evil laugh>

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Simply put I have aboslutely no problem with those who friend me, however, if you wish to be added back please leave a comment or message me. The reason being is I spam, a lot. So I don't want to flood your friends page unless you don't mind :]
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Weekend of Sick and Icons

So this weekend was full of sick and icons (because that's about all I could do, constantly being dizzy with a nose like a runny faucet and coughing up a storm). So, in case any of you want them, by some odd chance, here you go. I was originally going to save them to post all at once with the Versailles icons I've promised for wolfcharm for her birthday, come this Thanksgiving when she returns home to a scanner!

In any case, all of these are from the Cure Volume 63 feature.

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☆Matenrou Opera Opening Page Photographing

This was Matenrou Opera's first big feature (clap clap ☆)! The member's charm came out considerably, don't you think? They certainly can take photographs. The photos taken on the bed were especially things to look at. Above all Anzi! Open shirt revealing skin (shine)! How did the costume coordinator and makeup artist search for the way to show SEXY (things like opening his shirt button and instructing him on actions and gestures)?.... it was a process of trial and error and a display of over the top obsession over one shot. After it was all said and done the words, "women are terrifying..." escaped Anzi (laugh). The photo, after the photographing, was taken★Everyone, thank you!

Edited by wolfcharm ☆

Icon Batch #01

Well since I've have nothing better to do in my time off school (yay) I decided to make some icons and perhaps signatures and other things graphics oriented. I haven't done graphics in a while and I'm trying. If you have suggestions I'll be glad to take them. Anyway all of them are Versailles except two variations of a Kaya image, 'cause Kaya is pretty.

Hope you enjoy ^^'


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